1 Page Online Guides

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Each of our K-8 google online lesson plans includes a 1-Page Online Guide that will be opened and used by both teachers and students. (see a partial view of the 1-Page Online Guide for the President Bio Card below)

The guide provides some information that is mostly relevant for teachers such as the Lesson Objective, Assessment and the technology skills required to complete the project.

The links below “Student Resources for this Project”, however, are intended to be used by students. For this reason it is most very important to provide all students with easy access to these online guides.

* Accessing these 1-Page Online Guides via our K-8 Online Resource Center makes it simple to teach and integrate the use of technology in all areas of the regular curriculum.

Student Resources for this Project

After opening the 1-Page Online Guide student typically have access to 4 links that will be very useful in completing the K-8 curriculum integrated google lesson plan. Here is a summary resources:

The 1-page Student Handout provides the Lesson Objective and step by step instructions for completing the projects. It is much easier for both students and teachers if this single page handout is printed but it can also be viewed online. The handout comes in very handy for absent students and for allowing some students to work ahead of the class.

Bio card fullThe Google (view only) Template is a file that students will need to open and then make a copy of in order to edit. Using a template is extremely helpful the first time teaching and learning a project.  The student handout does have the steps for completing from a new google document. The templates used in Google Slides and Google Sheets projects are much more helpful because they also provide student expectations.

The 1-Page Sample provides a model of a completed assignment so it helps students visualize the end result. Teachers can print samples or project them in the front of the room.

The Links to Recommended Websites are a huge time saver when there is a specific website or websites that you wish students to use. It is important for students to be able to search for a locate quality websites on their own BUT in a class in which time is short and it is important to keep everyone together providing website links is very helpful.

With all the resources students need in 1 online location you will be able to provide integrated K-8 google lesson plans with very little or no “prep time” required!