3rd Grade Online Resource Center

  • Get all your students on this page.
  • Tools: Typing.com, quick links to Google Drive and Google Classroom, mySimpleshow and Google Tour builder have Google logins.
  • Google Lessons: Have students click on "Presenting Me" or "In This Room" to open and use the templates. Students will need to make a copy.
  • Cyber Safety: The Cyber Safety page provides access to Cyber Safety Pledges and age appropriate videos.
  • STEM: The STEM page provides links to coding tutorials for K-8. Advanced: Set up Scratch and TinkerCAD accounts (tools column)
  • Curriculum Enrichment: Excellent sites for Math, Science, Social Studies and Language.
  • Seasonal Sites and Projects: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Black History, Presidents, Basketball, Spring, Mother's Day
Tools Google Slides Google Docs Google Sheets Websites
Student Login Google slide iconPresenting Me Google docs logoLetter to Classmates Google sheets logoIn this Room Cyber Safety Page
Google Drive Google slide iconCyber Safety Rules Google docs logoAnimal Description Google sheets logoFavorite Foods Coding & Programming
Google Classroom Google slide iconWild Animals
Google docs logoThanks Acr Sentences Google sheets logoFavorite Pets Curriculum Enrichment

My Simple Show

Google slide iconPresident Biography Google docs logoPresident Timeline Google sheets logoMy Favorite Colors Seasonal Sites & Projects
Google Earth Tours Google slide iconMy Favorites Google docs logoBlack Amer Bio Card Google sheets logoIn My House Black Americans
Scratch Google slide iconCities in the USA Google docs logoMother's Day Poem Google sheets logoWorld Temps U. S. Presidents
TinkerCAD Hour of Code Google Search US Map Puzzles Animal Research

Once students are on the Online Resource Center page for their grade, they simply need to click on the name of the lesson to access the handout, projects template, sample, and links to the recommended websites. There are more technology integration lessons and projects available for each 3rd grade than students will be able to complete in a school year.

3rd Grade Technology Overview

Third grade students continue to practice proper keyboarding using the intermediate lessons in Typing.com. Students continue to use expand their skills in using the Google search engine to find facts and collect images. Student presentations and word processing projects become more complex. Students learn to set up a proper letter format. The notion of giving credit to the source of information - proper citation - is introduced and stressed. Students review and expand upon their spreadsheet skills as they learn to use spreadsheets to perform addition and subtraction and they review the creation of charts mixed with research.

Hour of code logoThird grade students use specific math, language arts, social studies, science and STEM games during curriculum skills enrichment time. They will also learn simple programming and practice their coding skills during the Hour of Code which is a worldwide event held during the first week of December each year. In addition to the Hour of Code students learn a progression of coding and programming skills by accessing tutorials from our STEM Page. The STEM page provides links to programming tutorials for Beginners up to Advanced Level. There are also direct links to Scratch.

3rd Grade Sample Lesson Overview


  1. Provide all your students easy access to the Online Resource Center
    • Place a shortcut on the desktops; change the icon to a yellow star
    • Add an assignment or question on Google Classroom with a link to this page
  2. Clearly post your expectations for behavior

Lesson Overview:

  1. Post the Lesson Plan Objectives: 1) Keyboarding, 2) Google Slides & 3) STEM Page or Curriculum Enrichment
  2. Guide students to opening the Online Resource Center
  3. Ask students to click on “Typing.com” and login to their accounts.
    • Review Proper Keyboarding Positions
    • SUGGESTION: Start each class with 10-15 minutes of silent typing
  4. Ask students to open “Presenting Me”
    • Guide students in making a copy of the “view only” file.
      • This is the most difficult part of this lesson. Be sure to demonstrate erasing the “Copy of..,’ and replacing with their first name only.
    • Review the expectations on Slide 1
    • Encourage students to work ahead, add 2-3 images on each slide, add 2-3 bullets on each slide
  5. Students that finish early may visit the “STEM PAGE” or "Curriculum Enrichment"

We provide lesson plan overviews and detailed lesson plans for the entire year.