The ideal way for students and teachers to access the K-8 Online Resource Center is by clicking on a shortcut that has been placed on the desktop (or favorites) of computers they will be using at school. Many schools place a link to the K-8 Online Resource Center on the school’s web page and individual teacher web pages for easy access at both school and at home.

After students are on the Online Resource Center page for their grade level they simply need to click on the name of the lesson to access links to the online handout (this is often printed), project sample, project template and recommended websites for the lesson. There are also links to keyboarding, curriculum area and STEM-based K-8 education websites.

Provide integrated K-8 google lessons for your students with little to no preparation time required!

Each grade level page on the K-8 Online Resource Center has links to lesson plans for google documents, google slides and google sheets. In grades 3-8 there are also plans based on Google Sites, Google Tour Builder and STEM-based applications including programming languages and computer aided design. There are also links to keyboarding programs and enrichment sites.

Each of our K-8 google online lesson plans includes a 1-Page Online Guide. Accessing these 1-Page Online Guides via our K-8 Online Resource Center makes it simple to teach and integrate the use of technology in all areas of the regular curriculum. Our 1-Page Online Guides provide an overview of the integrated lesson and the technology skills required. The guide also provides links to all the resources required for the lesson:

  • 1-page Student Handout - that provides step by step instructions and allows students to work ahead
  • Project Templates - that provide an easy way to initiate projects and keep the entire class together
  • 1-page Sample - that provide a model and help students visualize the end result
  • Links to Recommended Websites - to save time and frustration

Our 1-Page Online Guides will allow you to provide integrated K-8 google lesson plans for your students with very little or no “prep time” required!