Early Learning Guide – ages 3-5

Teach 3-5 year old students to be independent users of technology

Critical Computer Preparations prior to teaching:

  1. Put stickers on the “Enter Key and “Left Mouse” button of all computers.  
    • color-coded, small smiley face stickers are ideal
  2. Place a shortcut to the “Online Resource Center” (ORC) on the desktop of all computers
    • use an icon that will be very easy to find (yellow star).

7 “key skills” to review 2-3 times weekly until your students have mastered all of them.  With younger students we highly recommend the "point, click and Enter" method for opening websites.

  1. Hold the mouse properly
    1. thumb on table
    2. finger on the mouse sticker
  2. Move the mouse properly
    1. do NOT press down on any buttons when moving
  3. Use the “left button” to click on the icon for the ORC (yellow star)
    1. be sure to click on the button with the sticker
  4. Use the “Enter Key” to open the ORC
  5. Point the mouse at the “K” and click to open the Kindergarten page
  6. Point the mouse at the “Yellow Star” to open Starfall, click on “A” to begin
  7. Click on ”little x” on the Starfall tab to close Starfall (but NOT the ORC)

REPEAT these steps 2-3 times each class until students have mastered them


K-8 Technology Plan

National Education Technology Standards: Our K-8 technology integration curriculum and K-8 google lesson plans are based on the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for students. Our curriculum supports the initiative to help students to become:

  1. iste nets full logoEmpowered Learners
  2. Safe and Ethical Digital Citizens
  3. Effective Knowledge Constructors
  4. Innovative Designers
  5. Computational Thinkers
  6. Creative Communicators
  7. Global Collaborators

K-8 Technology Integration Plan TEMPLATE: All schools need an approved technology plan to provide a vision of their program and to receive financial assistance for Internet Access. Our K-8 technology integration curriculum and K-8 google lesson plans will help you complete a major section in this plan.

Click here for a Sample Technology Plan Template that you can use as a starting point for your school’s technology plan.

K-8 Technology Curriculum Overview

K-8 Scope and Sequence of Technology Skills: The technology integration lessons, google lesson plans and online resources that students use address a scope and sequence of technology skills for each grade level. Students are introduced to skills, develop skills and ultimately master specific technology skills.

Technology Skills Overview: I=Introduce D=Develop M=Master R=Reinforce

Category Technology Skills K-2 3-5 6-8
Hardware Terminology and Identification of Key Components I D-M R
Cyber Safety Review Online Safety Rules I D M
Digital Citizen Being a Good Citizen: Identify & combat Cyber Bullying   I-D M
Windows Use a mouse to run programs in the Windows environment I-D M R
STEM Coding using Blockly tutorials on Code.org I-D M R
STEM Intermediate to Advanced Coding: Scratch, Java & Python   I-D M
STEM Computer Aided Design using TinkerCAD   I-D M
StoryWriter Beginning Word Processing Skills I-D    
Keyboarding Practice proper keyboarding skills using Typing.com I D M
Windows Use a mouse in a “Point & Click” Operating System I D-M R
Keyboarding Proper keyboarding skills with typing.com accounts I D M
Google Drive Log on, Open, Name and edit files from Google Drive   I-D M-R
Word Processing Google Docs: Basic Skills / Intermediate Skills I D-M R
Word Processing Google Docs: Advanced Skills   I-D M
Word Processing Google Docs: Internet Research & Reporting   I-D M-R
Searching Search for images from within Docs & Slides I D-M R
Searching Search for specific information; consider best sources.   I-D M-R
Searching Complete Research Process with all Google Applications   I-D D-M
Proper Citation Students will properly cite the source of their information   I-D M-R
Presentations Google Slides from Template with simple research   I-D M
Presentations Google Slides: Scholarly research with proper citation   I D-M
Presentations Google Slides Oral presentations w/ automatic animations I D-M R
Sheets Google Sheets: Basic Skills; enter data, create graphs   I-D M
Sheets Google Sheets: Intermediate Skills; formulas & charts   I-D M
Sheets Google Sheets: Advanced Skills; replications and functions I   I-D
Website Google Sites: Simple to Complex Websites      
Tour Builder Tour builder: Presentations Interfaced with Google Earth   I D-M
Blogging Google Classroom: classroom discussion blogs   I D-M
Drawings Use Drawing to create research-based timelines     I-D
Drawings Use advanced techniques to create NCAA brackets     I
Movies Use Animoto to create movies      
Music Youtube to MP3 converter for creating music files     I-D
Prezi Simple Research-based Zoon Presentations   I-D M
Prezi Collaboration Research-based Presentations     I-D
Kahoot Student created interactive curriculum area quizzes     I-D
Google Forms Student created surveys and quizzes      
Classroom Google Classroom for initiating and turning in assignments   I-D M
Troubleshoot Simple PC problems: check cables; reboot the system   I D-R

For a listing of technology skills addressed in each grade click any of the links below:

K3-K5 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th