How to use Slides, Docs and Sheets with K4-2nd grade students


Step #1 Ask your G Suite for Education Administrator to set up “generic” google accounts to be used by K4-2nd grade students at school only.

For example - at Saint Charles School - with domain “” I asked the administrator to set up these accounts for the 25 computers in our lab.


Students in grades K4 - 2nd grade share the use of these accounts so their first names are always part of their file names.


Step #2 Set the password to be “ a s d f g h j k l “

This is - by far - the easiest password for students to remember. With just a little practice they are able to enter the letters very quickly without any help from you.

Explain to students that the secret password is simply all the letters in the middle row.  


Step #3 Teach students to “click on the eye” to troubleshoot any password problems:

The most common password problem is the CAPS LOCK key being on


Step #4 Ensure that the “generic accounts” are always on the list of the 10 google logins that are stored on each computer.

If necessary use “Remove an account” to make room for generic accounts.


Step #5 Use the shortcut to Drive and Classroom on the Online Resource Center to simplify the login process.


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