Cyber Safety

Our primary source of information is the NetSmartz Workshop.  There is a wide variety of information for parents, educators and children.

K-1st Videos 2nd-5th Videos Teens Grades 3-5 Middle School Digital Citizenship
Video-3 min Video-3 min Video-3 min Google slide iconCyber Safety Pledges Google docs logoCyber-bullying Thinking Games
Video-8 mins Video-3 min Video-3 min 3-8 Safety Pledges Cyber-bullying Resources

K-3rd grade students should take 8 minutes to watch the "It's OK to Tell" video which in on  This video is geared for younger students BUT the message is appropriate for older students as well.

Students in grades 4 & 5 can also work through potential scenarios in the activity "Stand By or Stand Up" on NS Teens - Stand Up or Stand By.  This is an interactive Comic Strip that provides choices for students to consider.

Middle School students can watch 6 Degrees of information and or Split Decisions (as a class). After watching they will be asked to summarize the key points in a paragraph with 5 or more sentences.

Using Google Classroom Questions provides and Blogging Platform to have an online discussion at any level and is easy for classroom teachers to monitor.

Did you know???  To be fully accredited in the area of technology and media you need to have a copy of the acceptable use policy displayed in the computer lab.