STEM-based Curriculum

In addition to our K-8 technology integrated lesson plans we provide a K-8 STEM Curriculum based on the use of FREE online, websites and programs. The ideal way for students and teachers to access our STEM curriculum is by clicking on a shortcut to our Online Resource Center on the desktop of all computers they will be using at school.

Level 1 (K3-2) Level 2 (1-3) Level 3 (3-8) Advanced Labs Scratch TinkerCAD
Puzzles Dot Adventure 3-5 minutes to load Dance Party Sprite Lab Scratch TinkerCAD
Kodable Basketball Snoopy Code the News Artist Lab Google docs logoTools & Shapes
Maze Star Wars Playlabs Python App Lab Animations Google docs logoTables
Code Spark Bee Sequence Toxic Code Python Game Lab Google docs logoClimbing Bar
Lightbot Angry Birds Maze Bee Loops JavaScript Web Lab Google docs logoScratch Level 1 Google docs logoMonkey Bars
Spelling Bee Frozen Angry Birds Loops JavaScript All Google docs logoScratch Level 2 Google docs logoChristmas Ornament
All Tynker Moana Artist All Tynker Intro Google docs logoScratch Level 3 Google docs logoPlayground

Many schools place a link to the K-8 Online Resource Center on the school’s web page (as well as individual teacher web pages) for easy access at both school and at home.

Coding Tutorials

CODE logoThe primary site we use for coding tutorials at this level is Coding tutorials are perfect for K-8 students and for any person that is new to coding. In grades K-4, the primary coding language used is “Blockly.” Blockly programming is ideal for younger students and new users because making errors is not an issue. Students in grades 5-8 review the use of Blockly programming and then move on to more complex languages such as JavaScript and Python.

Programming Languages in K-8 STEM

Scratch logoProgramming languages are ideal for students in grades 3-8 after they have been introduced to block-style programming. Students in these STEM programs use Scratch. Using Scratch, students create their own Blockly style programs. Students in grades 6-8 learn the basics of Javascript, Python, and others.

Computer-Aided Design

Tinker CAD logoComputer-Aided Design is ideal for students in grades 3-8. The best online site to use for C.A.D. is A huge advantage of using TinkerCAD is the teacher moderation feature. TinkerCAD is simple to use at both school and home because there is nothing to download. The entire program runs online.