A Year-Long, K-8 Technology Integration Curriculum based on G Suite for Education (formerly Google Applications for Education)

The K-8 technology integration lesson plans and other technology integration resources on this site provide a year-long, K-8 technology integration curriculum for computer specialists, technology specialists, computer teachers, technology teachers, technology integrators, media specialists, classroom teachers and homeschoolers.

The majority of the K-8 technology integration lesson plans are based on the main applications tools in the G Suite for Education (formerly Google Applications for Education or GAFE).

  • Google for education full logoGoogle Docs (word processing)
  • Google Slides (presentations)
  • Google Search (internet research)
  • Google Sheets (spreadsheets, charts & graphs)
  • Google Drawings (graphic arts & creativity)
  • Google Sites (websites)
  • Google Tour Builder (presentation with Google Earth interface)
  • Google Classroom (teacher management)

Our K-8 technology lesson plans are based on the National Education Technology Standards (NETS) and address state standards in language arts, mathematics, social studies and science. In addition to G Suite for Education, there are K-8 technology integration plans and related websites for using other free online tools. Our technology integration lesson plans are designed for use on PC’s, Laptops, Macintosh, Chromebooks, iPads and iPhones.

K-8 Technology Plan

National Education Technology Standards: Our K-8 technology integration curriculum and K-8 google lesson plans are based on the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for students. Our curriculum supports the initiative to help students to become:

  1. iste nets full logoEmpowered Learners
  2. Safe and Ethical Digital Citizens
  3. Effective Knowledge Constructors
  4. Innovative Designers
  5. Computational Thinkers
  6. Creative Communicators
  7. Global Collaborators

K-8 Technology Integration Plan TEMPLATE: All schools need an approved technology plan to provide a vision of their program and to receive financial assistance for Internet Access. Our K-8 technology integration curriculum and K-8 google lesson plans will help you complete a major section in this plan.

Click here for a Sample Technology Plan Template that you can use as a starting point for your school’s technology plan.

K-8 Technology Curriculum Overview

K-8 Scope and Sequence of Technology Skills: The technology integration lessons, google lesson plans and online resources that students use address a scope and sequence of technology skills for each grade level. Students are introduced to skills, develop skills and ultimately master specific technology skills.

Technology Skills Overview: I=Introduce D=Develop M=Master R=Reinforce

Category Technology Skills K-2 3-5 6-8
Hardware Terminology and Identification of Key Components I D-M R
Cyber Safety Review Online Safety Rules I D M
Digital Citizen Being a Good Citizen: Identify & combat Cyber Bullying   I-D M
Windows Use a mouse to run programs in the Windows environment I-D M R
STEM Coding using Blockly tutorials on Code.org I-D M R
STEM Intermediate to Advanced Coding: Scratch, Java & Python   I-D M
STEM Computer Aided Design using TinkerCAD   I-D M
StoryWriter Beginning Word Processing Skills I-D    
Keyboarding Practice proper keyboarding skills using Typing.com I D M
Windows Use a mouse in a “Point & Click” Operating System I D-M R
Keyboarding Proper keyboarding skills with typing.com accounts I D M
Google Drive Log on, Open, Name and edit files from Google Drive   I-D M-R
Word Processing Google Docs: Basic Skills / Intermediate Skills I D-M R
Word Processing Google Docs: Advanced Skills   I-D M
Word Processing Google Docs: Internet Research & Reporting   I-D M-R
Searching Search for images from within Docs & Slides I D-M R
Searching Search for specific information; consider best sources.   I-D M-R
Searching Complete Research Process with all Google Applications   I-D D-M
Proper Citation Students will properly cite the source of their information   I-D M-R
Presentations Google Slides from Template with simple research   I-D M
Presentations Google Slides: Scholarly research with proper citation   I D-M
Presentations Google Slides Oral presentations w/ automatic animations I D-M R
Sheets Google Sheets: Basic Skills; enter data, create graphs   I-D M
Sheets Google Sheets: Intermediate Skills; formulas & charts   I-D M
Sheets Google Sheets: Advanced Skills; replications and functions I   I-D
Website Google Sites: Simple to Complex Websites      
Tour Builder Tour builder: Presentations Interfaced with Google Earth   I D-M
Blogging Google Classroom: classroom discussion blogs   I D-M
Drawings Use Drawing to create research-based timelines     I-D
Drawings Use advanced techniques to create NCAA brackets     I
Movies Use Animoto to create movies      
Music Youtube to MP3 converter for creating music files     I-D
Prezi Simple Research-based Zoon Presentations   I-D M
Prezi Collaboration Research-based Presentations     I-D
Kahoot Student created interactive curriculum area quizzes     I-D
Google Forms Student created surveys and quizzes      
Classroom Google Classroom for initiating and turning in assignments   I-D M
Troubleshoot Simple PC problems: check cables; reboot the system   I D-R

For a listing of technology skills addressed in each grade click any of the links below:

K3-K5 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th